Legendarygold Limited | Who we are
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Who we are

Legendary Gold Limited is the foremost fashion and general events production Company in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. It is the vanguard in the development, growth and promotion of the African fashion industry. Since its inception in 1996, it has become the industry’s reference point.

It revolutionized and re-oriented practitioners in the entire African fashion industry to looking inward to Africa’s various rich ethnic cultural backgrounds for inspiration through the use of locally made fabrics, accessories and designs. It is the first to take African designers to the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Perth, Sidney, Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels, etc

Apart from fashion and lifestyle events, Legendary Gold Limited also packages and organizes cultural events and trade shows. Since 2000, it has organized and promoted the African diversified cultural heritage of music, film, dance, arts, crafts and other areas of the creative economy all over the world.

Legendary Gold Limited is currently a consultant to the African Union and UNESCO on the African arts, culture and the creative economy.